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Eileen Falconer,  Liverpool 25/12/2008 15:43

Hi Leon, Just been listening to you music on your web site. Hope you enjoy your trip to the Big Apple. See you and Barbara in the New Year

Janet Williams,  Cape Town 06/11/2008 11:42

Hi Leon,
A fantastic web site, very interesting and threatening to take up a lot of my time perusing. I feel priviledged to know such an inspiring personality and thank you for the influence you have had on my life, which has brought me to where I am now.

vito,  italy 24/10/2008 17:29

It has been a pleasure to have found your website and listened to your music.
Best regards

Renate,  Pretoria, South Africa 29/07/2008 16:22

I am 14 years old, and I just started playing the double bass 2 years ago. I will attempting my Grade 5 exam next year... Anyway, I just wanted to say how much you inspire me - my teacher is a friend of yours (Cecilia)... Good luck with the future!

David Koehler,  USA 16/07/2008 02:56

I love your intonation and tone. I just ordered your 2 CD's from Meridian. I'm a bass player hoping for a comeback and you have inspired me. Please let me know if you will be playing in the L.A. area.


David Koehler

Shelley Ainsworth (Roberts),  Cape Town 13/07/2008 06:54

You have done yourself proud! I will never forget accompanying you for mini recitals at The UCT College of Music, your friendship, sense of humour, wisdom and pain. Your insights to this day are inspirational to me as a music teacher/musician. Love Shelley

Alexandrina Genova,  Frankfurt, Germany 08/07/2008 13:18

Hello Leon, I enjoyed your new CD, you are inspiration for me. I would like to touch a contact.


Joao Pedro Fernandes,  Portugal 13/05/2008 14:22

I had 3 days learning with this big Boy! ^^ A few things that changed my way to think, was also amazing to play with you. See you in South Africa. The best regards for you. Joćo

Jordan Newell,  United States 21/04/2008 21:40

I found "Elgey" on www.contrabass.co.uk and I must say it is the most beautiful piece I have ever heard. It brought tears to my eyes. I am an intermediate guitarist that has just become interested in the contrabass. You have definitely set an example for me and many other young musicians. A true virtuoso indeed.

Rick Ernst,  San Francisco,California 01/04/2008 19:18

I've been appointed Chairman of the Leon Bosch Fan Club in San Francisco. Wonderful Concert at the Davies Symphony Hall in Sunday night -- Magnificent as usual.

Padraig O'Connor,  Dublin, Ireland 22/02/2008 01:04

Iain C. Phillips, Amsterdam, remembers going to see Gary Karr with Leon in Cape Town a lifetime ago. I was playing viola in the CTSO at that performance! Karr spun his instrument around in the middle of a cadenza... was fun too. I hope that Leon will take a look at my REVERIE for contrabass and wind orch. accompaniment.....

Sam Robinson,  Shrivenham, Wiltshire 21/02/2008 08:10

How wonderful to hear you on Radio 4 yesterday morning. My youngest son aged 9 has just begun to learn the double bass and is LOVING it! You are an inspiration. Thank you.

Nick,  London 20/02/2008 10:09

I enjoyed hearing you on Radio 4 this morning and determined to book some more lessons with my double bass that has been largely ignored for the past couple of years. Thank you for inspiring me. The bass may look like a brute but really it's a gentle giant; a warm and safe friend.

Dominic Carroll,  West Cork, Ireland 20/02/2008 09:51

I was inspired and moved by your story as told on Radio 4 this morning. I look forward to discovering your music.

Michael van Ryneveld,  Cape Town 07/02/2008 07:16

Enjoyed your Bottesini on Fine Music Radio this morning. Really nice to hear & read how you've flourished. I've been reflecting on those days at Music College and especially how little many of us realised the depth of talent around us. Well done, Leon. I shall listen with interest.

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