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Richard Hughes, Meridian Records,  London 16/08/2007 11:15

Hi Leon, Just thought I'd add my tuppence worth. Hope your having fun down there in Cape Town. Your second CD is almost complete and surely eagerly awaited by all your fans. It's another cracker. Congratulations.

Carla cleinwerck,  Cape Town South Africa 06/08/2007 08:35

You are a real inspiration and motivation to all of us here in Cape Town, Leon. Keep representing us in the music world and playing with Passion.

G Lambert,  Staines 20/06/2007 00:15

Wow Leon, got a nice set of comments here now, coming along very nicely. See you again soon.

leon bosch,  amsterdam 09/06/2007 00:05

You beat me , Leon ! My website is still not finished and when it finally is, I am sure it won't be comparable to yours...........
Very nice! Hopefully soon we both will be able to join musical forces and finally play some music together. Untill then, let's enjoy our nice evening together in Amsterdam. As the principal clarinet of the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra Amsterdam I am proud to have a college who is an outstanding musician and charming person and above that, who shares something very extraordinary with me.....: my name.

Iain C. Phillips,  Amsterdam, Netherlands 05/06/2007 18:40

I remember going to see Gary Karr with Leon in Cape Town a lifetime ago. Then already Leon was determined to go on to become as good as Karr. Has he achieved that? No. Leon Bosch has a technique and musicality that surpasses Gary Karr's! Hope to hear many more recordings from you in future. This website, too, has the quiet, understated elegance that characterises Leon as a person.

Brian Bosch,  Sweden 11/04/2007 12:19

Very nice, will see you in London during summer!

Adam Button,  Milton Keynes 02/04/2007 00:35

Alrite Leon Nice Site. Apart from the lack of pitures in the gallery nice one. Hope to see you soon. X

patricia falconer,  wallingford 25/03/2007 13:21

Great to see you now have your own website - no more than you deserve - but please dont drop that double bass onto your bare toes!

Eileen Falconer,  Liverpool 24/03/2007 23:56

Barbara has introduced me to your site. I enjoyed your new cd which Alison let me listen to, and am looking forward to receiving a copy.

Keith,  Cape Town 10/03/2007 05:32

Most excellent and outstanding musical interpreter of enormous technical mastery. Thank you for breathing life into the double bass repertoire and planting it firmly in our hearts and minds. We are immensely proud of your great achievement. Immer weitermachen!

Josh,  CapeTown 09/03/2007 08:15

Bravo, Maestro!
I hope you will regularly post your thoughts and musings about everything and anything... maybe even a discussion forum?

Isadore Campbell,  NEW ZEALAND 09/03/2007 01:38

BRAVO to LEON, Double Bassist of this Modern Century who truly entices the listener's ear and feeds the soul with his riveting performances on the Double Bass. Sheer Mastery of a difficult instrument ....

short audio clips please.....

Cecilia,  Pretoria 18/02/2007 04:43

Lovely site Leon! Works well on my mobile too-

Simon,  Harrow 17/02/2007 10:40

A superb artist and a really fine site.

Tanja,  Cape Town 14/02/2007 09:33

Great site, Leon! Nice pics, looking forward to reading some of the articles. Any chance of including, somewhere, some short audio clips? wav files etc just a thought...

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